5 Best College Wrestling Moves

The 5 best college wrestling moves are maneuvers that will help you to score points and achieve pin falls. They are also relatively easy to execute. Different people have different names and different variations for executing each of these moves, so don't be surprised when someone calls these moves something else or claims that their way of performing the move is the correct one. What you have to do is to find the way of executing these moves that works best for you. If you can perform the five best college wrestling moves proficiently, you will win a lot of matches.

  1. Single Leg Sweep. To execute this move, step forward, target one of your opponent's legs, and wrap your arms around the lower portion of the leg. Then pull the leg up quickly while driving forward and force your opponent to the mat. If your opponent is circling you, target the trailing leg. If you can get your opponent's ankle, the move is easier to execute. This is one of the five best college wrestling moves because it gives you control. The key to success is have a plan for a follow-up hold, such as a cradle, to maintain control.
  2. Double Leg Takedown. To perform the double leg takedown, step forward, crouch, and wrap your arms around you opponent's legs. Keep your opponent close to you and pull up on both legs while driving forward. As your opponent falls, release one or both legs and move to the dominant position. The double leg is one of the five best college wrestling moves, because it can be more effective against experienced wrestlers who are capable of countering single leg takedowns and sweeps.
  3. Switch. There are many variations and names for the switch or reversal. When you're in the bottom position, and your opponent is on your left, quickly grab his left wrist with your right hand. At the same time, roll to the right and carry your opponent over your back from the top to the bottom while holding on to his wrist. This is one of the five best college wrestling moves because you get more points for it than for an escape, and you end up in a dominant position.
  4. Granby Roll. This is a very popular variation of the reversal or escape. If you're in the down position, raise your buttocks up. Then push off with your feet and do a forward roll. If you grab your opponent's right wrist while rolling, you can get a reversal. If not, then an escape. This is a popular maneuver and one of the five best college wrestling moves because the reversal variation often puts you into position to get a pin.
  5. Cement Mixer. To execute this move, you must have your opponent in a front facelock or front headlock. Underhook one of your opponent's arms. Use your hand from the arm you're holding your opponent's head with to grab the wrist of the arm that you underhooked. Then pull hard on the wrist and arm that you're holding and simultaneously roll hard and fast. This will cause your opponent to lose balance and twist his body 180 degrees. You will finish the move on the mat on top of your opponent. The cement mixer is one of the five best college wrestling moves because it surprises and stuns your opponent and creates an excellent opportunity for you to get a pin.
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