5 Best Colognes For Every Day Use

Here are 5 of the best colognes suitable for everyday use, no matter where you are. Men’s fragrance selections are not as difficult to shop for as women’s fragrances, but companies still give each other a lot of competition when it comes to getting you to buy.

  1. Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani. Refreshingly simple and classic, Armani’s sporty-meets-fruity scent is comfortable and reliable. No, you won’t stand out among the crowd when you wear it, but you’ll smell safe, familiar and oh-so-cozy.
  2. Lacoste Essentials by Lacoste. Summery, fresh and light, Lacoste Essentials is crisp and sporty. Perfect for everyday use, Essentials allows you to go from 9-to-5 to Happy Hour without missing a beat. It’s also a great alternative to the ever-so-popular Acqua di Gio and its many knockoffs.
  3. Axe Clix by Axe. They’re not known for being the most luxurious brand on the block, but Axe is affordable for every budget. Clix is one of the company’s most popular scents, known for its distinctive vibrant, woody scent that’s sexy and casual.
  4. 212 by Carolina Herrera. 212 is bold, masculine and powerful. Infused with ginger, musk, mandarin, grapefruit, sandalwood, Guiac wood and aquatic scents, this is a sexy addition to any sophisticated man’s fragrance collection.
  5. Brit by Burberry Brit. Burberry’s known for posh style and high class flair. Brit falls in line with the brand’s identity with ritzy notes of green mandarin, nutmeg, ginger, Tonka bean and cedarwood to create a luxe oriental fragrance that lingers quietly in your wake. 
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