5 Best Colognes For Men In The Summer

The 5 best colognes for men in the summer are all fresh scents. Fresh colognes for men can be water fresh, citrusy or a green outdoorsy scent. If you have a favorite brand of cologne, check to see if they have a lighter summer version. For men who are ready to check out a new scent then here are some summer colognes for men to keep you smelling cool and fresh no matter the heat index.

  1. Boss Pure by Hugo Boss. This new fragrance for men is fresh as in waterfalls, bubbling streams and icy freshness. Energizing citrus notes combine with the aquatic scent to make thoroughly modern and masculine cologne for men.
  2. Eternity For Men Summer by Calvin Klein. This designer took a legendary fragrance and made it perfect for summer. It has soothing cool notes, like a walk on an uncrowded beach. The tropical fruit, teak, bamboo, and salty breeze notes make this a great one for men to pack in their vacation bag.
  3. Aqva Pour Homme Marine by Bulgari. This cologne was designed for sailor, beach lovers, and men attracted to the water. The citrus and herbal notes are underline by the woodiness of white cedar. Making this scent clean, masculine, and exciting at the same time.
  4. L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Summer by Issey Miyake. A sophisticated scent with hints of mandarin, exotic cardamom, and the freshness of vetiver make this cologne a great summer choice. This line makes modern colognes for men that are still manly.
  5. Light blue Pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana. Citrus peel, spices, rosemary, pepper and moss all create a foundation for the lighter refreshing citrus and floral scents. This cologne for men works well in the heat where the first notes to hit the nose are clean and the heat brings out the more complex spicy bottom notes.  
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