5 Best Compass Watches

For many shoppers, studying the features of the 5 best compass watches has become their best shopping tool. Only by careful comparison and an eye for detail can consumers weed out useless timepieces and equip their wrists with a superior compass watch. Point yourself in the right direction in your search for superior timepieces. True north lies just around the corner.

  1. Timex E-Tide Sporty style meets high technology in this smart-looking compass watch by Timex. In addition to the analog compass display, the E-Tide features digital thermometer, declination angle, tide tracker and night mode. In the hearts of many outdoor enthusiasts, this is one of the best compass watches available.
  2. Suunto X-Lander Sleek cases in three different styles house a wealth of features suitable for the adventurer in everyone. The compass functions include bearing and tracking options, a vivid north/south arrow and declination adjustments. Other features like altimeter functions and intricate barometer displays elevate this model high into the realm of excellent-quality compass watches.
  3. Famous Trails Digital Famous Trails takes the look and functionality of the best compass watches on the market and offers them to the consumer public at a lower price. The easy-to-read digital compass display complements other options like a stopwatch, alarms and countdown timer.
  4. Tech4o Northstar CW2 Known for packing feature-rich options into every watch they manufacture, Tech4o does it again with the CW2. Take control of your destination with sixteen direction indicators, bearing lock, adjustable declination and reverse bearing functions.
  5. iBeam 20.20 with Compass Never lose your way again with iBeam's version of the handy compass watch. Along with keeping you on a straight and true path, the 20.20's pop-up magnifying glass and flashlight help you read small print and see better in the dark.
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