5 Best Compound Bow Limbs

These 5 best ompound bow limbs are the catalyst to a superior bow. The limb or bow spine is the backbone to the overall operation of the compound bow. These five limbs are superior in design and operation.

  1. Bear Archery Assault Compound Bow Limb. Bear provides some of the best bow limbs on the market. This bow is sturdy and built with quality and the need of the hunter in mind. The smooth and light weight limb provides a superior platform for bow hunting or archery. This is an affordable and strong compound bow limb that will provide years of service.
  2. PSE Viper Pro Compound Bow Limb. This exceptional limb is durable and practical for the serious hunter or professional grade archer. The limb tips are specially fitted to manage variable sized bearings to adjust the pull based on required force of shot and proper pull to meet the need. This bow provides a wider bow guard for greater hand protection and grip. Very nicely priced to attract the serious and part-time user.
  3. Crossman Elkhorn Compound Bow Limb. This dual layered compound bow limb provides professional grade support for the bow user. Built in peep sight is one of the better fitted sights on the market. Lightweight and sturdy design makes this limb a quality support for use. Specifically designed with archery in mind, the Crossman is truly a superior compound bow limb.
  4. Parker Baker Compound Bow Limb. The Park Baker is great for its super sleek design with wide bow guard for better stability in draw and hand protection. Nicely packaged bow limb that provides professional grade support for the bow hunter. Flair tips specially cut to ease draw and movement of the bow to provide fluid pull and release for a stringer delivery and softer recoil.
  5. Arrow Precision Compound Bow Limb. This is a market specific compound bow limb to meet the professional or serious archer's needs. Steady dual limb production promotes the ease of delivery with a steady draw. A sleek design marks a beautifully crafted compound limb. This bow is strong, well-designed and crafted with quality products.
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