5 Best Compound Bow Scopes

Provided your bow is of good quality and you are a reasonably good archer, choosing one of these 5 compound bow scopes will help you have a spot on aim in archery. After all, sight is what matters most.

  1. Sure-Loc Black Eagle Scope. The scope is manufactured by Swarovski for Sure-Loc. The anti-reflective coating and non-glare feature helps you view the target easily. Swarovski of course is famous for its optics, right? The scope is available in 29 mm, 35 mm and 42 mm sizes. A bit on the costly side though.
  2. Shibuya Nikon Optic Compound Scope. As the name suggests, the optics is manufactured by Nikon for Shibuya and has all off Nikon’s quality.
  3. Viper Scope. The scope is made to military specifications (hardy) and is available with 2, 3, 4, or 6X Zeiss coated lens. The up pin is a 2 feet long fiber optic which allows for optimum brightness.
  4. Bernardini Compound Scope. The great thing about Bernardini scope is that it has vibration suppression in place which helps a lot in achieving a clear sight. The body is also light, being made of aluminum.
  5. Pollington Red Dot Bow Scope. If you are looking for a red dot scope so that you won’t miss the target at all, then probably the Pollington red dot bow scope is best for you. It has visibility even in low light. The scope and sight comes as a package and there is no need for a peep sight.

Though the above scopes are among the best scopes for compound bows, other scopes are also available at better prices. You could get scopes from Cartel and Talon at a much cheaper price. The quality may not be as good, you get what you pay for.

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