5 Best Compound Bow Sights

There are many sights on the market but the 5 best compound bow sights stand far above their competitors. When buying a compound bow sight you need to consider if you will be mainly hunting with it, target shooting or 3D shooting.

  1. Sure-Loc Supreme. The Sure-Loc Supreme is considered by many to be the best compound bow sight available. Micro adjustments are not only easy but accurate with the Sure-Loc Supreme. Sure-Loc has a wide variety of compound bow sights that will work perfectly for you regardless of the type of shooting you do. The Sure-Loc Supreme is considered one of the best bow sights made by Sure-Loc.
  2. Shibuya Ultima CP Standard. The Shibuya Ultima CP Standard is definitely one of the 5 best compound bow sights on the market and it will usually cost you less money then buying a Sure-loc. The Ultima CP Standard is used by many people around the world because it is so easy to use.
  3. Davis The System. The System by Davis is a great all around compound bow sight that is also very affordable. The company is very small compared to Shibuya and Sure-Loc, but their compound bow sights are top notch. If you try out The System by Davis and learn to properly use it, you may never use another brand of compound bow sights again.
  4. CBE Elite 3D. The Elite 3D compound bow sight made by Custom Bow Equipment is a top of the line bow sight designed for 3D shooters.
  5. Toxonics NailDriver 5300. The Toxonics NailDriver  5300 is considered by many professional shooters to be one of the best durable compound bow sight.
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