5 Best Compound Hunting Bows

What are the 5best hunting compound bows? This is a hard list, as there are so many good bows out there. The problem with such lists is that archery is an extremely subjective sport. What feels good, shoots good, and works best for one person will not for someone else. Add to that the extreme brand loyalty that most archers have and it is practically impossible to make a list that everyone will agree with. We spent time at our 3D target range and talked to a lot of archery hunters the past few days to get an idea just what everyone uses. We found five brands and bows which the majority of shooters used so we will pick the bows most discussed in our sample group.

  1.  Bear Assault: The Bear Archery Company has been around for about as long as modern archery hunting, Fred Bear being a pioneer in the "new" sport. Now, we have to admit to a bit of brand loyalty here ourselves as we have had a Bear bow for about 45 years,and in fact met the man at his factory when we picked up a bow there in Michigan many years ago. The Assault is what is termed a short axle compound, meaning 32 inches and under, which is preferred by hunters who hunt mostly from tree, or elevated blinds. It is a flat, fast shooting bow which upholds the fine long tradition of Bear Archery.
  2. Matthews Monster: This is a fast coming company since 1992 with a history of innovation, customer service, and reliability. The Monster is a proven design with strong advocates with strong brand loyalty. It is what is termed a Mid Axle which is the most flexible of the compound types. It is good for tree stand hunters and ground hunters alike. It combines a bit more size for comfort, with the flat, fast shooting Matthews is known for.
  3. PSE Brute: PSE has been a major player in archery products since the late 1970s. In fact, they were some of the first compound bows we ever saw. The Brute upholds this fine tradition and is a smooth shooting short axle bow. PSE along with Matthews has one of the strongest brand followings we have encountered.
  4. Bowtech Destroyer: Smooth, fast, and accurate is how the people we talked to about the Destroyer described it. Bowtech may not have been around as long as some other companies, but they have gotten it right in the Destroyer if reports are correct. It is a very popular option for those who love to hunt on ground and trees, being just over what is considered a short axle into a mid axle design.
  5. Liberty 1: Liberty Archery's hunting compound. Ok, we will admit that this bow shocked us first time we saw it, and the second and third times. It is so small it looks like a child's toy. But, it is a serious hunting bow, especially for tight cramped blinds and tree stand hunters where space is at a premium. We shot it and it would take some getting used to, but we can see it is a serious shooter. It has fanatical support from those who actually own and use them. And quite frankly, if you can believe their advertisement and the word of the people we know who own them, you can shoot one for twenty days before buying it, no strings attached.

Are these the five best hunting compound bows on the market? Who knows for sure, it would depend upon who's criteria you used to determine the best. They were the ones that the people we talked to picked as the top bows. They are certainly fine bows, one and all, and will serve the archer well. After all, in archery, it is the time spent in practice, which means more than the bow you practice with.

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