5 Best Compression Socks For Running

Having quality socks is important, specifically having the best compression socks for running can determine whether you will have a bad run or a good run. Compression running socks can help promote blood flow throughout the legs which can aide in your recovery and possibly improve your running performance. Sports medicine professionals disagree about the benefit of compression socks, but compression socks for running can't hurt you. If you want to try compression socks for running, here are some of the best brands:

  1. Recovery Socks. These compression socks for running can be worn during your run and for post run recovery. Recovery Socks are ideal for you if you are a  runner (or triathlete) with a smaller build. Recovery socks could also be the best compression socks for you if you like a tighter fit through the calf. Recovery Socks are available in pink, green, silver, black, and white. Recovery Socks boast increased circulation, reduced lactic acid build up, and the elimination of running cramps.
  2. Oxysox. These compression socks are made from Lycra and are comfortable during and after your run. The regular Oxysox feature ergonomic compression to give your more cushioning while you run. The compression is graduated through the ankle to just below your knee. Oxysox are ideal for trail running or training runs and post run recovery. Oxysox come in white, black, grey, blue, and red.
  3. Oxysox lite.  The Oxysox lite is similar to the regular oxysox, but it is better for racing because it is lightweight. The Oxysox lite also absorbs some of the impact from running and resist moisture and bacteria from entering the sock. The Oxysox lite is made from spandex, nylon, and polypropylene. The Oxysox lite is available in white or black.
  4. Adidas Compression Low. These compression running socks fit just above the ankle. These are the ideal compression socks for you if you prefer a compression fit of running socks without having the sock come up to your knee. The Adidas Compression low socks are made from a blend of nylon, polyester, and spandex. The Adidas compression low socks expel heat and moisture while keeping your feet dry and comfortable.
  5. Zensah Compression Socks. Zensah's compression socks for running come in a variety of colors: White, argyle, pink, sand, and black. These compression running socks aim to increase blood flow throughout your legs, which will improve your running performance and help you avoid injuries. The Zensah compression running socks are ideal for colder running climates.
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