5 Best Computer Board Games

If you're looking for some classic fun, you need to try out the 5 best computer board games. The following examples are some of the best computer board games ever released on the Internet or otherwise. If you're computer can't run the latest software or if you just need a quick fix, then the following choices are some of the best computer board games ever.

  1. Chess. Given that this is one of the oldest games on Earth, you can bet that it's also one of the best computer board games ever. This is a great computer board game because there are so many variations of it—you can play online, or even as your favorite pop culture icons! If you want some good, classic fun, be sure to try this one out!
  2. Backgammon. Even if you don't like gambling, you can't help but love this classic parlor game on the computer! The rules haven't changed , so this is a great selection for kids and adults alike! If you realize that there's no school like the old school, then be sure to play this classic computer board game!
  3. Monopoly. This is one of the best computer board games that taught us about cut-throat economics. Take your turns conquering as much of the properties on the board as possible, taking time to build up your real estate and negotiate with your opponents. This is another great computer board game that will go on for hours, but only feel like a few minutes have gone by.
  4. Checkers. This might be one of the easiest and best computer board games ever made. This is a fantastic computer board game for the kids due to its ease of use and quick nature of the game. Entertain the little ones for hours with this great computer board game.
  5. Risk. The classic game of warfare comes to your desktop and laptop. Much like the other games on this list, this is one of the best computer board games because it invites the opportunity for online play. If you love long, drawn-out affairs, then this classic computer board game is for you!

If you are feeling lost in the era of hi-res graphics and expensive desktop rigs, you'll love the simplicity of these computer board games. They combine what we've grown to love with the newest technology to provide the most streamlined entertainment ever!

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