5 Best Computer Programs For Artists

If you've got an aptitude for sketching or making commercial graphics, you might be interested in obtaining one or more of the 5 best computer programs for artists on the market today. Modern software packages for artists are amazingly powerful and flexible, allowing for some highly impressive works to be created on the personal computer. There are practically hundreds of computer programs for artists to choose from, and the following five are the very best.

  1. Best Photo Editing Program: Adobe Photoshop. Of all the computer programs designed for photo editing and retouching, Adobe Photoshop is considered the foremost industry standard for all your image manipulation needs. It is also among the most expensive programs for artists on the market.

  2. Best Painting Program: Corel Painter. Artists looking for a program to do sketches, oil paintings and other types of hand-drawn art, should take a hard look at Corel Painter. Painter is the industry standard program for artists, featuring digital implementations of various pastel sticks, airbrushes, and countless other tools used by painters worldwide.

  3. Best Free Image Manipulation Program: GIMP. Often billed by many reviewers as a competitor to Adobe Photoshop, the GNU Image Manipulation Program, or GIMP, is a popular tool for artists working on a budget. GIMP has even been used for movies, including Scooby Doo. Like Photoshop, GIMP supports Wacom tablets and interfaces well with scanners.

  4. Best Three-Dimensional Graphics Program: Poser. Of all the computer programs for artists who work in the 3D rendering industry, Smith Micro's Poser is the most popular commercial 3D art software package on the market. Poser is also capable of rendering animations, for which it is used in many places, from animated tutorials on self-checkout machines to shows on the Discovery Channel.

  5. Best Three-Dimensional Graphics Program: Blender. A strong competitor for commercial 3D graphics and animation packages, Blender is a very popular free program and a perfect way for artists to break into the 3d graphics and animation industry. Blender has been used in the movie Spider Man 2 and on the History Channel.

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