5 Best Computers For Animation

These are the 5 best computers for animation. Computers are used for many things but some computers specialize in certain things.  If you ever get into the animation business or you feel like sticking your toe in the field, these are the best possible computers you can use. Here are the best available computers available for animation purposes:

  1. Macintosh OS 9- This is the most popular and commonly known computers for animation purposes. This computer has all the power you could possibly want when it comes to animation.
  2. Apple Power Mac G4 800 MHz DP- This Mac is simply a more advanced model of the computer above. Just like the Macintosh OS 9 this computer is very powerful. The only real difference in these two models are the amount of options you will have as far as animation is concerned.
  3. Dell Studio XPS 8100- This animation computer comes from a brand we know and trust. Dell is known to make great computers, and with this Dell Studio XPS they do not let us down. This computer is perfect for beginners in animation
  4. Apple Mac Pro Xeon 2.26 GHz- This computer is for the animation pros. This computer will give you more power than you will know what to do with, which in turn will give you more options than you can possibly dream of. For over 3000 dollars, this computer is the gucci of animation computers.
  5. HP Pavilion HPE – 170t- This computer has all the essentials for animation. It is just a solid computer all the way around and for only 600 dollars, it is an absolute steal.
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