5 Best Condom Commercials

Have you ever wondered what the 5 best condom commercials are?  Condom commercials are ingenious, hot and funny as they come.  Every year, they continue to get more creative and the girls wear less and less.  So, needless to say, we had to come up with a list of the best condom commercials ever made.  If you haven't seen these before, you definitely need to check them out.

  1. "Indecent Proposal" from Trojan Condoms: A groom-to-be is propositioned by his bride's sister.  Stripping as she goes, she informs him she'll be waiting upstairs.  Next scene, you see him running for his car and the bride's family are suddenly seen on the steps, applauding him.  The father of the bride says the groom passed the test and he's proud to welcome him as his son.  Of course, no one sees the condoms in the glove box that the groom had scampered out to get.  It gets props for being one of the best condom commercials because of the ironic events and the hidden humor in the story.
  2. "My Mom Said I Could" from Hansaplast Condoms: This little boy does it all, including eating giant sundaes for lunch, handling large snakes and even getting a tattoo in this French condom video.  In the end, we discover that he manages to do all these questionable things because he knows the proper time to ask mom for stuff.  Behind the bedroom door, we hear her crying out "Yes, yes, yes!" as he goes to ask her for something else.  It's definitely one of the best condom commercials about perfect opportunities.
  3. "Balloon Animals" from Durex Condoms: If you want to know what one of the best condom commercials are, that will make you laugh, just watch the balloon animals get it on in Durex's condom commercial.  Trust me, you'll never look at balloons the same way again.  While this certainly earned its place on our list of best condom commercials, one still has to wonder how those balloons managed to keep up all that friction without popping.  Squeak squeak squeak.
  4. "Think" Safe Sex PSA from MTV: This is one of the best condom commercials ever made, even though it was actually geared towards safe sex, as opposed to a particular brand of condoms.  In it, a feisty blond shares a speech she had already prepared for guys who try to have sex with her without condoms.  It's witty, quick and strangely hot.  No wonder why he chases her out the door at the end.
  5. "I Want Those Sweeties" from Zazoo: Perhaps the best condom commercial ever made, "I Want Those Sweeties" is a great Belgian commercial that focuses on the hazards of having unprotected sex.  No, we don't mean HIV infections or other sexually transmitted diseases. We mean children.  One viewing of this tired young father and his precocious youngster and you'll definitely want to slip a raincoat on your willie. This is easily one of the most creative ideas for a condom commercial yet.
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