5 Best Contact Lenses For Dry Eyes

There's several contact lenses to choose from, but the 5 best contact lenses for dry eyes should not be a tough one. The reason for this is because they make contact lenses specifically for dry eyes, and of course some are better then others, but there's always a winner!

  1. Proclear Compatibles the only lenses FDA allows to claim, “May provide improved comfort for contact lens wearers who experience mild discomfort or symptoms related to dryness during lens wear.” These soft contact lenses will allow the eyes to breathe through the contact, because the contact is made of more water, then anything else. These contacts are made to wear for a month, but to be taken out daily. The reason they are supposed to be taken out at night and put in your saline solution, are because it allows your contacts to be cleaned over night, and allows for retaining the water.
  2. Acuvue Oasys is also a great hydrating brand of contacts, and is said to be the “world’s #1 prescription contact lens brand.” Acuvue is supposed to help your dry eye feeling all day, while contacts are in your eyes, even if you are in tough surroundings. These contacts are to be used for a week, then disposed of, but you should take them out nightly so they can be cleansed and re moisturized at night.
  3. Focus AirOptix Night & Day Aqua lenses have a new moisture system, that is suppose to work great for dry eyes, day and night, if you choose to keep them in at night. These contacts are meant to be used for a month, and then exchanged for new ones. It is always a good idea to take contacts out at night, but these contacts are the first FDA approved to use up to 30 days with out taking them out. The lenses have a visibility tint and allow for ease of insertion of the lens, which some may struggle with otherwise.
  4. Ciba 02 Optix, manufacture by Ciba Vision is said to offer, “More contact lens options than any other manufacturer in the world.” That being said, one of the better dry eye contacts Ciba 02 Optix, being a great price, compared too many other contacts. This contact is meant for a one-week wear, then to be disposed of, for a new set. The company does say you can nap or even sleep in these contacts for up to 6 days, if you choose to, but in most opinions you should continue to take them out at night. These contacts are so breathable, and very full of moisture at the end of the day, that your eyes will love them.
  5. Acuvue Advanced Contacts are as said above, a great brand of contacts, and FDA approved. Although Acuvue advanced may not be the best hydrating contact, they are still in the top 5 best contact lenses for dry eyes. These contact lenses are suppose to be used for up to a week, then thrown out for new ones. They are made to be used only during the day, and should be taken out at night, so they can be cleaned, and allow your eyes to get a rest so to speak. This contact lens is made with a silicon hydro gel, that allows the contact to feel silky soft to your eye, and lasts all day long. Acuvue is also tinted a blue color, they say it is so you can find them in your lens case, but also allow for a slight change of eye color. Although they are the last of the top contact lenses for dry eyes, they are still a great choice for dry eyes nonetheless.

The contacts listed above are just a few of the several contacts that are made for dry eyes. If you have never given contacts a try, or felt that your eyes were to dry to try them, you now have several options to choose from. If you have had contacts and they never seemed to work well for you, or you had a problem with getting them in, you now again have several options, from the size of the contact to easy insertion..

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