5 Best Continental Cycling Tires

Continental makes a wide range of bicycle tires including tires for road bikes and mountain bikes and these are the 5 best Continental Cycling tires .

  1. Continental Travel Contact. The Continental Travel Contact tire is the best Continental Cycling tire for people who ride in urban environments. If you commute to work daily or do a lot of city riding then you need a set of these Continental tires. These tires ride smoothly on the pavement and provide more then enough grip in heavy cornering.
  2. Continental Olympic Skinwall Tubular. If you want the best Continental Cycling tire for tack bike racing, then the Olympic Skinwall is the way to go. These tires are very expensive so you will only want to use them at the track.
  3. Continental Grand Prix 4000. The Continental Grand Prix 4000 is one of the best tires for road bikes. They have a long tread life and are excellent bicycle tires for road bike training as well as recreational level road bike racing.
  4. Continental Contact Tire. The Continental Contact Tire is the best Continental cycling tire if you ride on city streets a lot. They are extremely puncture resistant and work great on both dry and wet pavement.
  5. Continental Ultra Gatorskin. The Continental Ultra Gatorskin is the best Continental cycling tire for riders who need a tire that can hold up to the rigors of heavy training while also being able to be used for a commuting and touring tire. The Continental Ultra Gatorskin Wire Road Tire is a very durable tire for your road bike.

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