5 Best Cooking Shows On TV

When looking for new recipes to cook you may want to check out the 5 best cooking shows on TV. Everyone has their own favorite chef’s and now a days it seems each chef has more than one show. Even if the shows below aren’t your favorites chances are that one of the Chef’s is. The best cooking shoes listed below can teach you something as simple as braising meat or something more complex as a 10-course dinner. 

  1. 30-Minute Meals. Most people have a love-hate relationship with Rachael Ray, you either love her or you hate her. However you may feel about her she can come up with some tasty dishes in just 30-minutes. She is always energetic and makes you want to cook even if it isn’t exactly what she is cooking. The highlights of her show is to prove that you can make a tasty and health meal in just 30-minutes. 
  2. Giada at Home. Giada is another one that people have the love hate relationship with. Giada cooks mainly Italian meals or meals that have an Italian twist to them. Lots on Parmesan Reggiano and Pancetta are used in her recipes. The recipes on Giada at home range from simple to much more complex and include everything from snacks to desserts.
  3. Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello. I have always liked Michael Chiarello. He offers his viewers some delicious party recipes while presenting them in a soft easy going setting. He is never flustered or hurried, just calm and relaxed. He provides insight on entertaining by making foods that are tasty and easy to create. 
  4. Barefoot Contessa. Ina Garten has prepared some elegant yet classic dishes for her viewers. The only downside is that most of her recipes have at least one ingredient that most people don’t have on hand or one that may even be hard to get for some.  Ina creates meals from many parts of the world and shows us some short cuts that never affect the taste. 
  5. Good Eats. Alton Brown not only can cook up some great foods, but he also explains that facts and history behind those foods. He informs the viewers on how to do things and tells us why we should or should not do certain things to foods. From the origins of the tomato to the different kinds of beans, Alton Brown always provides a learning experience. 



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