5 Best Costa Rica Beginner Surf Spots

Amped about finding the five best Costa Rica Beginner Surf Spots? Costa Rica features some of the most “choka” surfing areas in the world. These beautiful beaches feature spots for all levels of surfer. When searching for the perfect surf spots for beginners, it is best to take into consideration the time of the year and how busy the beach is. These five surf spots are the greatest bet to catch a wave.

  1. Tamarindo Beach: Located in the scenic town of Tamarindo. This is located five hours from San Jose. This gorgeous surf spot features waves that are great to surf year-round. Yet the best time of year is in the winter when the waves are more tame. The beach is also very busy which is great for beginners. This beach was the first stop in the movie “Endless Summer II”.

  2. Pavones, South Puntarenas: This amazing hideway is located along the southern Pacific coast. A beginner who is surfing for the best Costa Rica surf spots will greatly enjoy the long wave in Pavones. The best time of the year to catch a wave is during the rainy season. Enjoy this mile long beach while in Costa Rica. Visit this surf haven between the months of April to October to get the best surf.

  3. Playa Naranjo: Located in North Puntarenas, this beach was also featured on the movie “Endless Summer II”. While this beach is not the most accessible it features some of the best waves and views. The moderate Costa Rican climate makes it a perfect choice for surfers. For those beginners who prefer a more remote location this beach offers a little more freedom

  4. Jaco, North Puntarenas: One of the most popular beach options of the five best Costa Rica beginner surf spots. Located two hours from San Jose this beach is full of all levels of surfers this cool beach features a laid-back feel. This beach is much more accessible than Playa Naranjo and features amazing surroundings. When deciding which Costa Rican beach is the best for a beginner surfer this is a definite consideration.

  5. Playa Avellana: Located in the Guanacaste province this beach is only a short distance from Playa Negra. This beautiful beach is the novice surfers dream. The movie Endless Summer II was actually filmed on this beach. This beach is popular because of the excellent surf and breathtaking scenery. This surf is a reef that offers the calm steady surf that makes it one of the five best Costa Rica beginner surf spots.

When searching for the best surf spots for beginner surfers in Costa Rica these five spots are some of the funnest most exciting options. They offer surfers the perfect wind conditions for an excellent surf. Depending on the season waves are easier to surf therefore it is important to research prior to visiting.

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