5 Best Cougar Bars in Dallas, Texas

Looking for the 5 best cougar bars in Dallas, Texas? If you are, then you came to the right place. The best cougar bars in Dallas are a mixture of fine establishments that attract the finest cougars, or “Samantha’s,” in town. Sit back, have a read of the best cougar bars in Dallas, and then begin your weekend plans.

  1. Obar. Obar is a sophisticated bar and lounge, with a loyal cougar following, located in downtown Dallas. This “subterranean” location is positively beautiful and one of the most recognized bar and lounges in Dallas. Has a lovely style, an endless drink list and plenty of space for privacy. Obar: 1602 Main St., Suite B, Dallas, TX 75201.
  2. Clear Ultra Lounge. This location offers a contemporary and elegant spin on your evening. Another downtown lounge that offers intimacy but also brings out high energy disc jockeys spinning the best in hip-hop, this lounge has a VIP room located within an actual vault! Clear Ultra Lounge: 1313 Main St., Dallas, TX 75202.
  3. Lift Lounge. Lift Lounge offers a modern day version of a disco lounge. It's a very classy and uplifting bar and lounge offering weekly events and VIP service as well. The drink menu is impressive, with superior bottle service as part of its VIP service. Lift Lounge: 2404 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas, TX 75201.
  4. Sunset Lounge. Sunset Lounge is a hopping center for cougars and the younger men looking to meet them. This bar and lounge boast some of the best sounds in the city with an afterglow atmosphere that attracts the beautiful women of Dallas. Sunset Lounge: 3030 Ross Ave., Dallas, TX 75204.
  5. Vino 100. This bar offers one hundred different wines for your pleasure. This hot spot is a serene bar with weekly events and wine tasting. Vino is a lovely setting to mingle and get to know the cougar of your dreams. Vino 100: 2909 McKinney Ave., Dallas, TX 75204.

These are definitely five of the hottest spots to meet cougars in Dallas. These high-class, chic locations attract some of the most desirable clientele in the Dallas metropolitan area. Dress to impress and enjoy your evening.

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