5 Best Cougar Bars In Pickering

The 5 best cougar bars in Pickering, Louisiana are all great places to go if you are looking to meet cougars. They all have great environments and wonderful women. Although not located directly in Pickering, they are so close you'll feel like you never left the city.

  1. The Law Review, 1703 S 5th St, Leesville, LA 71446: This place is known for its great people. Everyone here is approachable, including the people who hang out at the bar. In addition, it is visited by many gorgeous cougars for you to meet.
  2. Frozen Spirits, 11497 Lake Charles Hwy, Leesville, 71446: This bar has a variety of frozen drinks, pool table and a great food selection. The bar is visited by down-to-earth and fun people. This is where many cougars come to hang out, so you'll be sure to meet a sexy cougar here.
  3. Pegasus Lounge, 12103 Lake Charles Hwy Leesville, LA 71446: The Pegasus Lounge is a surprising find. The bar has a great atmosphere and wonderful people. The workers are all kind, and the bar is frequented by cougars.
  4. Reflections Lounge, 1408 S 5th St Leesville, LA 71446: This bar has a diverse selection of drinks and beers. The atmosphere is unique and interesting, as are the people who come here. You'll also be sure to meet one of the many cougars that visit this bar.
  5. The Spot Lounge, 2117 Lake Charles Hwy, Leesville, LA 71446: Everyone at this bar is friendly and the people are all very easy-going. You will be sure to strike up engaging conversations with one of the many cougars that visit this bar. The bar is also known for its superb array of drinks.



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