5 Best Country Cheating Songs

The 5 best country cheating songs all have one thing in common; broken hearts. These tunes tell of sad moments in relationships and have historically been a staple in the genre. Not all of these songs are ballads, and some are surprisingly upbeat for the topic.

  1. "Thunder Rolls" – Garth Brooks. This 1991 hit for Garth Brooks tells the tale of a woman waiting up all night for her man to return home. She hopes it's only the storm that has kept him out late, but soon finds out differently upon his return.  The haunting sound of the song gives an eerie feeling to the heartbreak encountered by the subject. The song makes the list of best country cheating songs for it's staying power on the charts after it's release.
  2. "The Reasons I Cheat" – Randy Travis. In the mid 1980's, Randy Travis was a regular at the top of the country charts. His songs about love and family endeared him to an entrire generation of country music lovers. It came as a shock to many when he released this song of blatant infidelity. The song is basically a lyrical list of reasons that men cheat on their wives and therefore makes the list of best country cheating songs..
  3. "Blame it on Your Heart" – Patty Loveless. This 1990's chart topper became the anthem for many country loving ladies whose hearts were broken by cheaters. The lyrics include the line ""Blame it on your lyin', cheatin', cold dead-beatin', two-timin', double-dealin', mean, mistreatin' broken heart." The upbeat tune said it all and makes the list of best country cheating songs.
  4. "Does he Love You" – Reba McEntire and Linda Davis. This sad duet pits the wife against the mistress in a battle of words. The heartbreaking song makes the list of best country cheating songs for the depth of the lyrics and viewpoint of the other woman.
  5. "Who's Cheatin Who" – Alan Jackson. This twisted song makes the list of best country cheating songs for it's confusing web of cheating in the neighborhood. The lyrics resemble a day time drama, including the people who just don't care anymore.
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