5 Best Couples Sex Card Games

Out of the five best couples sex card games there is bound to be one or two that bring you and your partner into an intimate evening of passion. It may not start that way; but it will probably end that way. 

  1. Nookie. Nookie is a three-phase sex card game for intimate couples that has a warm-up phase, a fun phase and a "naughty" phase. Cards are drawn and then dice are thrown to determine how long a particular phase of the game lasts. Phases may include kissing, caressing, and petting, as well as things that are more intimate.
  2. Fan the Flames. This involves wish cards that are revealed at the end of the game. Each player writes something on the wish card he or she would like to have done to them. In the meantime, each player takes turns drawing cards and asking the other partner the intimate questions on the card. This warms the players up for the grand finale.
  3. Romantic Sensations. This couples sex card game will help players increase each of their five senses. As cards are drawn, each player must perform the action written on the card. Each action has something to do with one of the senses. The first player to get three cards in the same category wins. The winner gets an instantaneous reward and one scheduled for two weeks later.
  4. IOU. No, this is not a divorce game. IOU involves cards that have favors on them that, once discovered, are owed to the other player. The cards are left in various places to be found by the other player. The next time the couple is together, the favor must be granted.
  5. Wild Sexy Dares. This is one of the five best couples sex card games because, in this game, everyone comes out a winner. It has 150 cards with intimate challenges that must be performed by each player. There are an additional 25 cards that have even more risque challenges. Points are scored according to how wild the challenge is.
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