5 Best Creative Halloween Costumes

If you want to stand out, choose from one of the five best creative Halloween costumes and you will be the center of attention. Nothing is more dull than the same old boring costumes every Halloween. Wear one of these five best Halloween costumes and you are sure to get plenty of second glances.

  1. The black eyed pea. For this creative costume you will need to wear either a T-shirt or sweatshirt with a huge "P" on it. You can hand draw or trace a stencil with a black permanent marker. You will also want to get something to make you look like you have a black eye. You can use eye black like athletes sometimes use or any type of black make-up. This costume is simple, yet creative enough to make people stop and think.
  2. The starving artist. Pull out your ratty old jeans and the oldest t-shirt you own for this creative Halloween costume. First, you'll want to splatter some paint on your shirt. Next, get a piece of cardboard that's big enough to fit across your chest. On the cardboard write "will work for food," and then attach a string to it and wear it around your neck. Cut out another piece of round cardboard for your artist's palette and add some paint so it looks used. Make sure you carry your paintbrush to complete this costume. Scraggly hair and shoes are optional with this costume.
  3. Q-Tip. Unless you have a lot of hair, you'll need a white clown type wig for this costume. If you are going all natural and using your own hair, make sure to tease it up good on the top of your head. You'll want to use a white hair spray or either baby powder on your hair. For your body you can wrap it with white gauze bandages or anything you can use to cover it in white. Cover your shoes in cotton balls and you are ready to go.
  4. Grapes of wrath. You'll need about fifteen purple balloons for this Halloween costume. Get a black trash bag and cut out arms and head holes at the bottom of the bag. Attach the balloons all over the trash bag with a stapler. For the wrath, you'll need to make sure you have your mean mug on. You can even wear dark make-up for a more dramatic appearance.
  5. Sack of potatoes. Get a big clear plastic bag and cut out head and arm holes. Get creative and use old pantyhose filled with cotton balls. Cut and tie off the pantyhose in the shape of potatoes. While wearing the plastic bag stuff in as many potatoes as you can. You may need a little help stuffing the back of this costume.
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