5 Best Cricket Batting Pads

Confused in choosing the best cricket batting pads for you? Let us guide you with our 5 best options! Nowadays, batting pads are available in a huge number of shapes, sizes, and price ranges. But to make things easier, cricket batting pads can be divided into three basic types: Youth, Boys, and Adults. What you really should be looking for is the fitting: When you wear the pad, your knee should roughly fit into its knee hole. Next comes the issue of price. You can buy a set of batting pads for just about any price, but usually the more expensive ones will provide you with better cushion and safety. Let us now provide you with our verdict of best variety to choose from.

  1. Kookaburra Blade 500: These are an entry level, lightweight pads which give you very good mobility as well as comfort. The pads have specially designed contour knee padding which help keep the pad in place even when running.
  2. Puma Irridium 6000: These are probably the lightest pads available in the market. As in all Puma accessories, most of the cushioning in these pads is removable, so you can adjust according to you requirements.
  3.  GM d30: Known for their high quality, these pads have similar knee padding to the kookaburra range, but the pad itself is more round to fit your knee better. Even though these are a little heavier than the products mentioned above, but they still don’t weigh you down while running.
  4. Gray Nicolls Legend 2011: With a more traditional design, these pads feature excellent safety cushion for areas of high impact. Though you spend a bit extra on these batting pads, you get far more than your money’s worth.
  5. Aero P3:These pads will suit almost any person who has a budget as they offer good value for money. Despite their price, these pads are highly advanced in their design and materials, being considerably lighter than many others available in the market.  
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