5 Best Crime Documentaries

Picking the 5 Best Crime Documentaries was an almost impossible task. There are so many chilling, fascinating, and just plain grotesquely entertaining Crime Documentaries out there, but here are five that you need to see.

  1. "The Thin Blue Line" The big one. The obvious choice, a classic, and a must-see Crime Documentary. An amazing story about the murder of a Dallas police officer told by one of the best documentary filmmakers: Errol Morris.
  2. "Capturing the Friedmans" This is another Crime Documentary that is made better by hours of home footage about its subjects. "Capturing the Friedmans" tells the story of a computer teacher, his son, and their 1987 charges of child molestation. Really, it's better than it sounds. This family is so hard to look away from, and it may take you the entire movie to decide whether they are guilty and you hate them, or they are innocent and you just really don't like them.
  3. "Serial Killers: Profiling the Criminal Mind" This is a catchall. It's your typical A&E Crime Documentary, but it's long enough to tell the stories of some of the world's most famous sickos with some detail.
  4. "Witch Hunt" You will not believe what you are being told at first in this one. It seems too unlikely, but it's true. Sean Penn narrates this gem, but the real stars are the victims of an over zealous Bakersfield, California Police Department in the 1980s. Justice comes extremely slow, but is wholly satisfying.
  5. "Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father" Kurt Kuenne made this film both as a tribute to his murdered best friend, Andrew Bagby, and as a video portrait to show Andrew's son, Zachary. Although this film pulls at the heartstrings a bit too much at times, the twists and turns will make you dizzy. It is a truly incredible story made very special by hours of home footage of its subject. Not widely known, but one of the best Crime Documentaries out there. 
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