5 Best Crusades Movies

If you want to watch the 5 best Crusades movies, then you must love sword fights, medieval times and a tremendous amount of action. The Crusades were a series of religious wars fought by European Christians during the time between the eleventh and fourteenth centuries. Their purpose was to recover the holy land from the Muslims. While most Crusades films were not historically accurate, they were amazing action films worth watching at least once or twice.

  1. "Kingdom of Heaven" (2005). Starring Orlando Bloom, the storyline of this movie centers on a young blacksmith who loses his wife and child. Unsure of what to do with his life, he’s instructed in the ways of a knight and, against insurmountable odds, he sets out to defend Jerusalem. Heroic, awesome sword-fighting scenes lathered in suspense, this movie rocks it out as one of the best Crusades movies ever, and it has won several awards.
  2. "The Crusades" (1935). World-renowned director Cecil B. DeMille slants history with this movie in his portrayal of King Richard. In his version, the king, to avoid marriage, sets out to engage in the Crusades. King Richard marries someone else who is then kidnapped by Muslims. Yes, twisted historically, but the film did garner an Oscar nomination.
  3. "Lionheart: The Children’s Crusade" (1987). Starring Eric Stoltz, this motion picture revolves around a young knight who sets out to join the Crusades. On his journey he encounters orphans who are hunted and sold to Muslims. The young knight gathers the orphans and leads them to King Richard, where he believes they will be safe. This true heart-felt movie earns a slot as one of the best Crusades films ever made.
  4. "El Naser Salah el Dine" (1963). An Egyptian movie from the point of view from a Muslim, this film depicts the aggressive Christian army and the treachery of the Arab nation. Showing both sides fairly earns this film a spot on this top Crusades movies list.
  5. "King Richard and the Crusaders" (1954). This is a true classic film where King Richard's objective is to reclaim the Holy Grail from the Muslim leader Saladin. This campy but fun action flick remains as a favorite Crusades movie.

If you are looking for a true historical depiction of the Crusades, then you will need to watch a documentary. But if you are looking for fun, action, love stories, brave warriors and campy fun, then these are the films for you.

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