5 Best ‘CSI’ Actors

Here are the 5 best 'CSI' actors, one of the most successful TV franchises on air.  What makes these actors stand out?  They are the memorable actors that make you want to watch every episode.  Each one of these men portrays a character that keeps your eyes glued to the screen to see what will happen next.

  1. Hill Harper.  With his Ivy league education and model calibur good looks, Hill Harper is one of the best actors on television and a published author.  He brings an intensity to his role as Dr. Shledon Hawkes on "CSI: NY".  His looks make the ladies swoon, and his personality makes all the men want to call on him as a wingman when they hit the bars.   
  2. David Caruso.  David is one of the best character actors to grace television in the past twenty years.  Before he started portraying Horatio Caine on "CSI: Miami", he was known for his breakthrough role on "NYPD Blue".  This redhead is one of the best in the business, and one of the best actors in the "CSI" franchise.  His scowl keeps viewers tuning in for every episode.
  3. Gary Dourdan.  Gary plays Warrick Brown on "CSI: Las Vegas".  This amazing actor brings intensity to a flawed character with a drinking problem.  Warrick Brown is one of the best characters in the CSI franchise and Dourdan plays the part convincingly.  Dourdan's off screen escapades with beautiful models just add to his character's mystique.
  4. Ice T.  This versatile rapper and actor made an impact as one of the best guest stars that has appeared on "CSI: NY".  Ice T appeared in several episodes as the hard edged Mike Stone. 
  5. Gary Sinise.  Long recognized as one of the best actors in the industry, Gary Sinise brings strength and depth to the role of Detective Mac Taylor on "CSI: NY".  Gary gained international fame from his powerful role in "Forrest Gump" and has been steadily working as an actor for years.  As the character of Mac Taylor has developed, Gary has started producing some episodes and has brought in his own musical talents as part of his charater's depth.

No matter which verison of the "CSI" franchise you're watching, you will be entertained.  The enseble chast, and frequent guest stars keep fans on their toes.  This franchise brings teh bet actors together with compelling storylines to create great television.

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