5 Best ‘CSI’ Episodes

CSI fans all have their own list the 5 best CSI episodes from the original CSI. Some may be the same and some may be different from the list below. These 5 best CSI episodes combine murder, mayhem, and intrigue along with some of the most interesting detective work. The crew from CSI checks for evidence. They look for hairs, fibers, blood, DNA, or anything else that can lead them to the criminal. In its eleventh season there are a lot of episodes to choose from.

  1. Season 1 Episode 1: The Pilot. In the very first CSI episode the team needs to figure out if it is murder or suicide. But it is not the case itself that makes this a significant episode. The new girl on the night shift, Holly, is left unsupervised by Warrick. The suspect comes back and shoots her. Holly dies at the hospital. This leaves room on the team for Sara to come in to replace her.
  2. Season 1 Episode 10: Sex, Lies, and Larvae. When a dead body is found in the mountains wrapped in a blanket Grissom used the bug larvae to estimate a time of death. This interesting episode shows us how using the timeline of bug larvae can help estimate a timeline for the murder. Who needs clocks and calendars when you have bugs?
  3.  Season 2 Episode 8: Salves of Las Vegas. This episode introduces Lady Heather, a dominatrix was intrigues Grissom. There is chemistry between them that never gets fully explored in the show. In the quest to find the killer of a murdered dominatrix the team to explore the ins and outs of Lady Heather’s fetish club.
  4. Season 4 Episode 10: Coming of Rage. After a boy is found dead at a construction site the team is lean to the construction company owner and his teenage sister. Even though all of the evidence points to the sister she plays the poor little orphan girl to show the team just how good of an actress she really is.
  5. Season 6 Episode 18: The Unusual Suspect. A genius little girl throws a monkey wrench into the CSI teams investigation. He brother had confessed to the crime but the girl then confesses to protect him. She even has a bloody shirt to “prove” she did it. Hannah becomes Sara’s nemesis now and in a future episode.
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