5 Best Custom Lowriders

Want to know what the 5 best custom lowriders are? With the increasing popularity of sports cars, the search for the best custom lowriders has become the sports car fan’s quest. Lowriders are cars with modified hydraulic systems that makes the vehicle body sink as low as technically possible, barely avoiding touching the ground.

The best known custom lowrider these days are:

  1. The 1963 Chevrolet Impala SS Convertible, also known as "Libertad". The name comes from the Spanish word meaning "freedom". Manny, the owner from New Jersey, and his friend Nelson Gonzales have transformed this edition of  this Chevrolet vedicle into a lowrider. The stock motor was re-done by these two men and in order to achieve a high quality hydraulic suspension rebuild, James Stewart Jr of Florida was hired. Their combined efforts brought about a two pump engine with a low high setup. This beautiful car is the most attractive custom lowrider out there.
  2. This 1959 Chevrolet Impala- 59 Impala named “Jazzy” is the property of Pierre Suranto from Texas. Owned by Pierre Soranto of Texas. Because Pierre owns a garage, most of the important work, like the engine and dissembling, was done at his place. The basic changes were made with Frank Chappa's consultation. Some of the parts that could not be handled in Pierre's garage were sent to Chappa for work. Jerry Vincent who is a well known upholster of San Antonio also worked on this custom lowrider. The most amazing thing about this lowrider is that every original part was separately remolded into a lowrider part instead of getting each part exchanged or replaced. Pierre wanted the car to be as original as possible.
  3. The 1965 Chevrolet Malibu SS by Andy Rivera is a breathtaking lowrider. This car is an example of Andy Rivera’s expertise in vehicle conversion. Andy, who originally hails from California, rebuilt this Chevy with the help of his brother Gary. This best lowrider has gained increased interest by lowrider fans. The most attractive feature of this car is that, firstly, it is a rare model; secondly, Malibus are not often converted into lowriders.
  4. A 1949 Hudson Brougham called "Christine". Marissa Rosales, the present owner, inherited this car from her boyfriend, Arturo Palma after his demise. She can trace the car's ownership back to the original owner, who had left it to his widow. Marissa named the lowrider "Christine" after the horror movie that tells the story of a worn out red car that is possessed and kills in the name of revenge.  All the people who have ever owned the car have passed away which makes the name fitting for this lovely red car. The owner Marissa and her boyfriend Leo can be credited for bringing the car to its present state. Most of the work was done at Bill Albright's shop in California. The paint job was done by a paint artist that goes by "Chico" at a shop called "Candy's Autobody" in San Diego. The beautiful lush interior has been done by Octavio Davalo.
  5. The 1951 Chevrolet Pick-up-SJ Trokita is one of the best lowriders and is owned by Henry Palacios. He, with many other friends, converted this Chevy truck into this fabulous lowrider vehicle. His wife Yolanda has put in half of the ideas on this lowrider. The loveliest feature of this car is its paint job and engravings.
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