5 Best Custom Shirts

Custom shirts are tailored to precisely fit your body and attitude; our 5 best custom shirts countdown will take you on a tour of the best providers to get you your own custom shirt. If you have the money to spend and think you are worth it, then see if the following are what you fancy.

  1. Giorgenti Custom Shirts. The brainchild of Janine Giorgenti, a fourth-generation Italian designer who studied at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology, Giorgenti custom shirts feature Old World-craftsmanship as well as the latest in technology. Choose your own fabric, match it with the color of your eyes, and go from there for a one-of-a-kind experience where master tailors make your custom shirts by hand.
  2. Turnbull & Asser. A British brand, Turnbull & Asser provide men with bespoke (read: custom-made to one's specifications) shirts and have been doing so since 1885. You may choose from more than a thousand fabrics, and each custom shirt is made in their workshop in jolly old England.
  3. Duncan Quinn. Renowned for their service and personalized attention to a man's preferences, Duncan Quinn is so committed to bespoke shirts that they will even travel to you if you do not want to visit their store! Just be prepared to cover the expenses of their trip, as they will charge you for it, but such custom shirts just may be worth it.
  4. Lord Willy's. A place which thinks of itself as a casual custom shirt maker, Lord Willy's is a newcomer to the custom-shirt scene, establishing itself only in 2005. However, do not let their youth fool you; Lord Willy's boasts the selection of many ranges of patterns, up to 70 fabrics, and even personal appointments just to attend to your needs!
  5. David Lance. David Lance is the brainchild of an industry veteran of over 21 years and makes custom shirts and custom clothing stretching even to shoes. They are located in New York, and their philosophy is the oxymoron of simple elegance. Their belief is that dressing well will enhance personal performance, whether in your job or personal life.



Turnbull & Asser

Duncan Quinn

Lord Willy's

David Lance

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