5 Best Cybex Fitness Machines

Any man who is looking for a total body workout will want to check out each of the 5 best Cybex fitness machines. Most men want to obtain six-pack abs, large muscles and a toned body. These Cybex fitness machines can assist you in obtaining those results. They are also known for their durability, ease of use and extra features that most men enjoy during their workouts.

  1. The Cybex Functional Strength Trainer. It used to be that the only way a man could obtain bulging biceps and strong chest muscles was to use dumbbells and weight benches. These items have been replaced with the Cybex strength trainer fitness machine. It offers the latest in technology by using weight stacks coordinated with a cabling system which allows you to stand up and work out your upper and lower muscles. You can increase or decrease the weights to adjust the amount of resistance you feel with each repetition.
  2. The Cybex 750AT Arc Cross Trainer. You will get a total body workout on this Cybex fitness machine. The Arc Cross Trainer is similar to an elliptical machine. Simply start with the pre-programmed fitness test, and then choose your workout plan. Pre-programmed workouts include hills, Pike’s Peak and a cardio rate control option. You also have the opportunity to create your own workout and program it into the cross trainer. The display monitor will let you know how many calories you have burned, your strides per minute and your overall distance. This is a great way to lose weight and tone your muscles.
  3. The Cybex 750R Recumbent Bike. This Cybex fitness machine provides a great workout for the man who is just starting a fitness program. The recumbent style bike gives lower back support and is gentle on your joints. As you become fit, you can increase the tension to match your fitness level. This allows you to continue to get a full cardiovascular and leg muscle workout.
  4. The Cybex Pro3 Treadmill. Any man who prefers to walk or run to get a good cardiovascular workout knows that a high quality treadmill is a necessity. This treadmill is a Cybex fitness machine that takes a man’s body mechanics into consideration. It has a suspension system that decreases the shock on your feet and joints with each step. This is a great treadmill for the beginner or the experienced runner who prefers a mixture of pre-programmed workouts.
  5. The Cybex Cyclone Stepper. Every man needs variety in his workouts, and the Cyclone Stepper fitness machine provides a great cardiovascular and lower body muscle workout. It comes with a heart rate monitor to help you maintain your personal, targeted rate. It has nine pre-set programs and runs quietly so you can watch television or listen to your favorite music while working out.
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