5 Best Cyclist Diets

To obtain peak performance while biking here are the 5 best cyclist diets to use as a guide. A large part of any athletic or healthy diet would include healthy portions of fresh fruit and vegetables, grains, proteins and dairy products. While a non-athletic individual may target a calorie count of 2000 per day, an ardent cyclist needs to consume 4000 calories per day.

  1. The Carb Rotation Diet. This diet plan alternates between high, low to carbohydrates. A five best diet for cyclist targets the consumption of lean meats, fruits, vegetables, fiber rich carbohydrates and lots of water.
  2. Crack the Fat Loss Code Diet. A regiment weight reduction plan of carb-up, carb-down and baseline days. Lose fat by placing yourself in a strict very low carbohydrate menu for the first seven days. The body then burns the stored glycogen already in your body during that time. Lose weight fast.
  3. The Anti-Estrogenic Diet. This five best cyclist diet focuses on eating lighter portions of food during the day, and larger portions in the evening. The first phase of this diet is a liver detox. The second phase includes the anti-estrogenic effects such as eating nuts, olives and seeds. The third phase is to eat grains and protein in the evening.
  4. The Carb Cycling Diet. To build muscle and loose fat this is the perfect diet. This regiment is not about food deprivation but about eating well balanced nutritional meals each and every day. Not only is this a best five cyclist diet but a solid diet for everyone.
  5. The Pistachio Diet. This nut has the highest fiber count and is stacked with protein. This cyclist diet chooses foods that are low on the Glycemic Index—like carbs that act as long lasting energy sources. Great for cyclist as they burn lots of calories and need carbohydrates for optimal energy output.

The success of these 5 best cyclist diets is that they build muscles but also lose body fat fast. For optimal performance for a cyclist eat frequently, drink lots of water and consume 2.5 cups of fresh fruits and vegetables a day. Avid cyclists eat healthy and go on to burn rubber!

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