5 Best Danish Designer Watches

Here is a list of the 5 best Danish designer watches. Denmark is famous for its rich society that allows cultural concepts such as the arts, crafts, fashion and sleek design ideologies to thrive and develop.  Exquisite craftsmanship that is instilled into designer watches created by Danish designers is some of the aspects that have made Denmark world-renowned in this industry.  The best Danish designer watches are known for being simple and yet luxuriously elegant.  What better way to describe the beauty and simplicity of these works than the famous line of German-American architect Mies Van Der Rohe who declared to the world that in design, what is important is that “Less is more”.  

  1. Jacob Jensen. From stereos to doorbells to weather stations, Jacob Jensen has worked his masterful hand in providing stylish designs to almost anything.  His watches provide the best of elegance in utter simplicity.  Shortly after the first Jacob Jensen watch was introduced into the market, it was honored and given a place in the Design Study Collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  Today, twenty years later, the lasting legacy of the Jacob Jensen watch can still be found in the JACOB JENSEN 510 and 520 timepieces.
  2. Jules Jurgensen. Fine quality and innovation best describe the reputation of the Jurgensen family.  The crown logo seen on all Jurgensen watches pre-dates even those of the most famous watches that are now found in the modern market.  In recognition for their extraordinary craftsmanship and expertise in their art, Jules and Urban Jurgensen were knighted by no less than the King of Denmark.  Jurgensen watches have gained a reputation as gifts of distinction presented to presidents, kings and visiting dignitaries to further acknowledge itself as one of the best Danish designer watches of its time.  Today, the Jurgensen brand carries the title of “The Jeweler’s Brand” in the watch industry for its commitment to fulfill the needs of customers and jewelers around the world.
  3. Ole Mathiesen. Classic, elegant, contemporary and understated.  These are the words that define the masterpieces that the Ole Mathiesen collection of watches exude.  Mathiesen rolled out his first designer watches in 1962 and almost 50 years to that date, following the same design and shape, these watches are still met with high admiration for their adherence to the quest for quality.  Because of their dedication to the fine tradition of watch-making, Ole Mathiesen timepieces are known as Denmark’s exclusive representation to the best designer watch brands in Europe.
  4. Rosendahl. The Rosendahl watches aim to epitomize the fundamental Danish design concept of minimalism.  It is a belief being inculcated into their timepiece designs that there should be a clear link as to the reason of a particular product and its aesthetic values.  Some of the most talented Danish design masters have lent their expertise in providing the Rosendahl watches that unique look that is characteristically Danish such as Arne Jacobsen, Bo Bonfils, Henrik Fisker and Flemming Bo Hansen to name a few.
  5. Danish Design. Pure Scandinavian style.  These timepieces are known best for the “Double D” logo that symbolizes the uniqueness of the designs that are present on each and every Danish design watch.  Their simple, elegant and non-obstructive design is not only evident in their forms but also within the materials that are used.  Their exquisite timepieces are recipient of several awards such as the RedDot design award given in 2008 and has also been nominated to the DesignPreis Awards in 2009.  Similar to the Rosendahl watches, the Danish Design timepieces also boast a formidable cast of Danish design masters such as Anna Gotha, Lars Pedersen and Martin Larsen.   In the company of great design minds, the Danish Design company lends further credence to their reputation as one of the best Danish designer watches in the world.
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