5 Best ‘The Dark Knight’ Movie Scenes

When Christopher Nolan chose to direct "The Dark Knight," he loaded it with terrific characters and plots, along with these 5 best "The Dark Knight" movie scenes. (Warning, this article contains movie spoilers.) From the crucial plot twists to the action packed scenes that will leave you on the edge of your seat, it was extremely hard to narrow the list down to just 5.

  1. The Joker Introduces Himself to the Mob.  In a rather comedic, but slightly disturbing and all around heart pounding scene, the Joker decides to pay a little visit to the mob so he can set his brilliant plan in motion. This scene is great because you get the first taste of just how dirty, psychotic and genius the Joker really is. Any guy that can control the mob using a few words, a pencil and a small bomb is clearly one to be reckoned with.
  2. The Joker's Escape. One of the best scenes in "The Dark Knight" is when, in his a brilliant plan, the Joker deliberately gets put in jail, where he then escapes. While Batman goes to try and save Rachel, the Joker sits in an interrogation room as one of his flunky's complain about stomach pain. In the heat of the action, the Joker manipulates his guard into getting into a fight because he wants his phone call. He then escapes from the interrogation room with a knife to the guards throat, again asking for his phone call. Little did the police station know, his phone call activated a bomb implanted in the flunky's stomach.
  3. Harvey Dent and the Joker in the Hospital. One of the best and most crucial scenes in "The Dark Knight" is when the Joker pays a visit to a horrifically burned Harvey Dent in the hospital where he gives him a coin, letting Harvey know that sometimes you have to leave things up to chance. From this scene, Two Face is born, creating just another villain to plague the poor city of Gotham.
  4. The Final Joker scene. In his race to save the civilians of Gotham, Batman has to track down the joker. On his way he meets many obstacles, like the Joker's flunkies and some very big dogs. In the meantime, the two boats, one full of Gotham civilians and the other with criminals, debate weather or not they should blow each other up. Eventually Batman finds the Joker and they face off in an epic battle of… words? Yes, words. The two had little physical contact, but it still ended up with the Joker dangling upside down and using his best asset: his ability to talk and get under the Batman's skin. All the twists and turns, physical and psychological battles make this climactic scene one of the greatest in "The Dark Knight."
  5. The Joker Crashes the Party. In his hunt for Harvey Dent and thirst to expose himself to the public, the Joker decides to crash a party. While there, he discovers Rachel, who slaps him. Here, he decides he likes that she has a little fight in her, and in comes Batman, exclaiming "Then you're gonna love me!" The Joker easily flees by dropping poor Rachel off the side of the building for Batman to save. This scene is one of the best because it is the first confrontation of the Joker and Batman and is extremely suspenseful.
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