5 Best Date Restaurants In Erie, PA

Listed below are the five best date restaurants in Erie, PA. Each of these has a wonderful and unique atmosphere, and some are great for private, romantic dinners, where as others can make for more lively dinners out for couples. Choosing the right date restaurant depends on your and your date's specific interests for a given evening, so choose wisely. Following are the five best date restaurants in Erie, PA.

  1. Stonehouse Inn. A classy building with a very classy indoor atmosphere, this is a top spot to take a date. It is small and comfortable, making it better for truly romantic evenings than for lively nights on the town in Erie. Stonehouse Inn 4753 West Lake Rd. Erie, PA 16505.
  2. Smuggler's Wharf Inc. With some of the best food and service ratings in the town, Smuggler's Wharf is unbeatable on date night. It has moderately priced food that is excellent, and a wonderful atmosphere for a loving couple of any age. Smuggler's Wharf Inc. 3 State St. Erie, PA 16507.
  3. Marketplace Grill. This is another romantic spot in Erie, PA. With excellent food at reasonable prices, this is among the most popular restaurants in the whole town, and with good reason. Marketplace Grill 319 State St. Erie, PA 16501.
  4. Hibachi. For great Japanese style food in a romantic atmosphere, Hibachi, which has excellently prepared dishes that will have your and your date's mouths watering, is the perfect place for a date in a restaurant that has a different style. Service is also superb in the restaurant. Hibachi 3000 W 12th St. Erie, PA 16505.
  5. Papa Joe's Pepperoni Cafe. For a quick bite in a lively atmosphere, check out Papa Joe's. It has great Italian food, including, obviously, pizza, and great Italian sandwiches, all in an artsy atmosphere that is a little bit more fast paced than some of the romantic, cozy eateries listed above. Papa Joe's Pepperoni Cafe 3826 W Ridge Rd. Eerie, PA 16506.

The above are the five best date restaurants in Erie, PA. All of them are unique, and each has remarkable food, service, and style that will certainly make for the perfect dinner out with your date.

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