5 Best Deer Hunting Cameras

Purchase one of the 5 best deer hunting cameras and you will know how many deer are roaming on your land, where they are located and how big they are. Nothing is more exciting than seeing an image of a trophy buck on your deer hunting camera just hours before you plan to hunt. Hunting cameras have become an essential hunting accessory for most avid hunters around the country.

  1. Moultrie 5.0 Outfitter Camera. This 5.0 megapixel camera has a one second delay with three picture resolution settings and two video resolution settings. It also has a location, time and date stamp on each picture or short clip video. The Moultrie Outfitter camera comes in camouflage or black in a camouflage case. It sells for about $150 at many sporting goods store.
  2. Cuddeback Capture IR Game Scouting Camera. This is an excellent hunting camera with 25-foot infrared illumination technology. The delay action can be set from 30 seconds to 30 minutes based on your preferences. It is also one of the easiest cameras to set up. For only $250, you will always know if the deer are in your area or if you need to move to another location to get the best shot.
  3. CuddeView Field Viewer Game Camera. With this camera you have the ability to see the images that have been taken without removing the camera from the mount. The camera works like a portable viewer with image transferring options. It comes with PC software, a USB cable and a television connector so you can see the pictures on your home computer or television set. This new camera retails for about $150.
  4. Reconyx RapidFire RC55 Color IR Game Camera. This camera has a unique feature with its one-third of a second wake-up timing. It will instantly turn on and start snapping pictures when the sensor is triggered by a deer within 100 feet. It can hold up to 5,000 images on the CompactFlash card and comes with the BuckView mapping software allowing you to manage the location of the deer before you go hunting. At $550, this hunting camera is one of the more expensive models available.
  5. Bushnell 5.0 Megapixel Cam Trail Camera. While this camera has many of the standard features found on most hunting cameras, it also offers durability. It has been designed to withstand temperatures from -5 to +140 degrees. This is an excellent camera for hunters in the northern states where early winters may settle in during the autumn deer season.
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