5 Best Denise Richards Movies

None of the five best Denise Richards movies listed below are likely to show up on any critic’s top 100 must-watch list. Face it, Denise is not an actress suited for art house cinema. She’s good at looking pretty, and when she tries to do much more than that it’s just not that believable. Below are five reasons to appreciate her work anyway.

  1. “Wild Things.”  Is there a hotter make-out scene in history than the one between Denise Richards and Neve Campbell in this otherwise forgettable film? That scene alone makes this the best Denise Richards movie.
  2. “The World Is Not Enough.”  The James Bond franchise had started getting a little silly by the time this one came out, even by James Bond movie standards.  It's definitely not the highlight of Pierce Brosnan’s Bond years, but the laughable inclusion of Denise Richards as a nuclear scientist makes this Bond film somewhat enjoyable, if not laughable.
  3. “Undercover Brother.”  This blaxploitation spoof had a pretty decent amount of laughs, which is good enough to put it on our list of the best Denise Richards movies. Dave Chappelle also appeared in it, and that’s always a good thing.
  4. “Starship Troopers.” Audiences were divided over whether this was a dumb action movie or a cleverly subversive anti-war movie. Nevertheless, a dash of Denise Richards and footage of giant bugs being blown up, make this movie not all that bad.
  5. “Love Actually.”  The usual romantic comedies seem to have become a regular occurrence around Valentine’s Day each year, and they’re usually pretty awful. But this British film wasn’t so bad, and even features a few minutes of screen time with the lovely Denise Richards movies.
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