5 Best Denzel Washington Movie Quotes

Denzel Washington is known for his powerful way with words, but what are the 5 best Denzel Washington movie quotes? Denzel Washington has been an actor several years and has made and starred in some of the best movies. Due to those roles there some great lines were given birth to out of these films. Here are just a few of the great lines that came from his phenomenal career. 

  1. "Glory" was a movie set around the Civil War with particular focus paid to a troop of black soldiers commanded by a white general. In this movie Denzel plays the always back talking soldier. Denzel tells Matthew Broderick his reason for joining the army. " I'm from around Tennessee. I ran away when I was twelve years old and I ain't never looked back. 
  2. In 1993 Denzel portrayed slain civil rights leader Malcolm X in the Spike Lee directed movie "Malcolm X". In this movie Denzel delivered such great lines, most notably "We didn't land on Plymouth Rock .Plymouth rock landed on us."
  3. Denzel starred in a film "Man on Fire", co-starring Dakota Fanning in which he showed his tough side and also his over protective side. "Okay my friend. It's off to the next life for you. I guarantee you, you won't be lonely."  Through out the whole movie Denzel is kicking some major butt and utters some of the coldest one liners. 
  4. When he is pushed to lock up a wing full of patients and doctors in hopes of getting his son a heart transplant in "John Q.", Denzel delivers a heart breaking line. "I am not going to bury my son! My son is going to bury me!"
  5. In the movie "Hurricane", Denzel was in jail for a crime he never committed. In a scene in which he is talking to one of the people that is trying to free him he states "Hate put me in prison. Love's gonna bust me out."

Denzel Washington has shown over the past years that he has exactly what is needed to have a long and prosperous career in Hollywood, something a lot of actors can only dream of. If one was to look at his movies in the past then there is a rich and full range of movies that anyone can enjoy and appreciate these movies as well as the wonderfully written lines in these films. 

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