5 Best Diane Keaton Movies

Looking for the 5 best Diane Keaton movies? A versatile and gifted actress, Diane Keaton has had a long and successful film career. Over the years Diane Keaton has been involved in several classic movies, including many that were directed by Woody Allen.

  1. "Annie Hall" Playing the title role opposite Woody Allen's Alvy Singer, Diane Keaton showed offer her depth and versatility as an actress. The film follows Alvy and Annie's relationship from its inception to its break up with narration from Alvy about his neurotic girlfriend and their time together. The role is considered Diane Keaton's greatest and won her an Oscar.
  2. "Manhattan Murder Mystery" Another Woody Allen film, this time about a middle-aged couple who suspect their neighbor of murder. An ensemble cast and sharp script result in a stellar performance piece. Diane Keaton herself is in fine form as Carol Lipton, wife of Woody Allen's Larry Lipton.
  3. "The Godfather" An epic tale of family and mobster rule, Diane Keaton portrayed Kay Adams in all three parts of the Godfather, although by part three she was Kay Corleone. One of her earliest roles, this is the film that provided her with the break she needed, and soon after she was starring in more award-winning roles.
  4. "Father of the Bride" This was a sharp and intelligent family comedy that teamed Diane Keaton with Steve Martin as parents of the bride to be. The film focuses a large part of its story on the relationship of the parents, and the on-screen chemistry between the two is a pleasure to watch. A solid performance from Diane Keaton enhances this already enjoyable film.
  5. "The First Wives Club" Diane Keaton plays Annie Paradis, a middle-aged wife who has recently been dumped by her husband for a younger woman. After reuniting with some old college friends, she discovers she is not the only one this has happened to, and together they create a pact to exact revenge on their former spouses. With great performances from some of Hollywood's finest actresses, the film includes the talents of Bette Midler and Stockard Channing as well as Diane Keaton.
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