5 Best Diane Lane Movies

Here is a list of 5 of the best Diane Lane movies. Her beautiful face has been gracing movies since 1979 when "A Little Romance" was released. She has acted in many movies since then. Diane Lane's five best films are listed below:

  1. "Untraceable" 2008-She plays the character Jennifer Marsh. In this crime thriller, Diane Lane plays a detective who deals with identity theft and other cyber crimes. One night on the job she and her team learn of a website where a serial killer streams live videos of his killings. The action and suspense builds as he kills people in sickly creative ways and the danger draws closer to her as she slowly uncovers the truth.
  2. "Lonesome Dove" 1989-Diane Lane plays the character Lorena Parker in this mini-series that is now a three part movie. Her character is a prostitute in a small town in Texas that longs to get out. She gets her chance when the two main characters start out on a cattle drive to Montana. She travels with them until they reach Nebraska where a beautiful old friend of theirs takes her in.
  3. "Hollywoodland" 2006-Diane Lane plays the character Toni Mannix. This movie is about a fictional detective who investigates the apparent suicide of George Reeves who played TV's Superman. As he uncover's some intriguing facts about George Reeve's death pointing to not suicide but a more nefarious conclusion. Some of the clues reveal George Reeves's affair with Toni Mannix, the wife of powerful MGM studio executive Eddie Mannix.
  4. "The Perfect Storm" 2000-Diane Lane plays the character Christine Cotter. This film is based on true events about a sword fishing boat that heads out for one more fishing trip in the late season. After stumbling upon a fantastic catch their ice machine breaks and the only way to preserve the catch is to head through an aggressive storm back to shore. Ignoring warnings from other ships they head into the storm.
  5. "Nights in Rodanthe" 2008-Diane Lane plays the character Adrienne Willis. Her character heads to Rodanthe in pursuit of a peaceful place to think about her life and make some decisions. While there she meets a tortured doctor who is facing charges from a patient's family. Something immediately sparks between them and they fall deeply in love with each other. Because of her influence he seeks to restore his relationship with his son, who he ignored in favor of his career.
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