5 Best Diane Wiest Movies

Surely she’s one of the most understated and underrated actresses of her generation, which made it a challenge to pick the five best Dianne Wiest movies. She’s starred in dramas, comedies, monster movies, and family flicks. And no matter what the film, she delivers a noteworthy performance every time.
  1. “The Lost Boys” She might not have had the biggest part in “The Lost Boys,” but it still rates on the list of the five best Dianne Wiest movies. She played the sweet and loving mother, who got seduced by the vampire king, and her earnest performance helped ground the otherwise otherworldly blood sucker flick in reality.
  2. “Parenthood” Younger fans might not remember that before Lauren Graham played the single mom on the TV show “Parenthood,” Wiest created a similar part in the feature film version. In Ron Howard’s movie, on which the new drama is based, Wiest originated the role of Helen Buckman. The part of the over extended mom, who struggled to keep her kids on track, deserves to be on the list of the five best Dianne Wiest movies.
  3. “Edward Scissorhands” The most unusual film on the list of the five best Dianne Weist movies is Tim Burton’s “Edward Scissorhands.” She played a kooky neighbor who helped the misunderstood boy with super-sharp fingers discover his true calling as a ladies’ hairstylist.
  4. “Hannah and Her Sisters” She’s been in a few Woody Allen films but “Hanna and Her Sisters” is certainly one of the five best Dianne Wiest movies of all time. The complicated comedy about a dysfunctional family, earned her the first of two Best Supporting Actress Oscars. The second was for the Allen film “Bullets Over Broadway.”
  5. “Dan in Real Life” The underrated indie film may not be as well known as some of the other possible choices for the list of best Dianne Wiest movies. But the Steve Carell drama is filled with subtle humor and first-class performances.
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