5 Best Dice Drinking Games For 2 Players

There are many games that can be incorporated into drinking games, that is why we have compiled a list of the five best dice drinking games for two players. Whether you are playing with western gentlemen, avid party goers, classic gangsters, or general game lovers, these dice drinking games are certain to be the highlighted event of the night. 

  1. Liars Dice. Liars dice requires nothing more than five dice per person, one cup per person, and an ability to bluff. Each player rolls the dice in their cup and keeps their results hidden from other players. The object of the game is to guess how many dice of a certain face are on the table overall. If you, the caller, have two dice with the face of three, you may want to say that there are four three's on the table if there are four people playing the game. The person to your right can either up the face, up the number of dice called, or say that you are lying. If they say that you are lying, everyone must reveal their dice. If you were lying, then you lose one die, and you must take a shot. Last person with dice remaining wins the game. 
  2. Farkle. Farkle is a dice game that requires a basic knowledge of addition. A piece of paper and a pencil are needed to keep track of points. The objective of the game is to be the first person to gain 10,000 points. One player rolls six dice at a time in an attempt to earn as many points as possible. Rules are as follows: "one" is worth 100 points, "five" is worth 50 points. Any other die face doesn't have value unless there are three of them in the same roll. Three "three's" is equal to 300 points, three "four's" are equal to 400, ect. If the player rolls any more that three of the same die, the value is doubles for every die. Example: four "three's" is 3000, five "three's" is 30000, ect. If the player decides to keep a number of dice, they must keep those points, or set the played dice aside, and roll the remainder to attempt for more points. If the player rolls the dice and doesn't get a "one", a "five" or triples, they "Farkle" out, forfeit all earned points for the current turn, and pass the dice to the player to their right. every time a person Farkles out, they must take a shot. The first person to reach 10,000 points wins. 
  3. Three Man. Three man begins with one person rolling two dice, taking turns until someone rolls an all together face value of three. This person becomes the "Three man." If a new player rolls an added value of three with the two dice, they become the new three man. If anyone rolls a three face on either die, the current three man must take a shot. If a player rolls two three's, the three man must take two shots. If a player rolls doubles of any face other than three's, they must choose two people to participate in a "roll off." The two players roll one die each, and the person with the lower face value must take the difference in the faces in shots. Example: if one person rolls five, and the other player rolls three, then the player who rolled the three must take two shots, since three is two less than five. 
  4. Threshold. You need one cup, one quarter, and one die. Players take turns rolling the die and the quarter in the cup. While the roller is flipping the cup onto the table, they must call heads or tails. If the player calls the right face, they are safe, and they pass the cup with the items inside to the next player. If the player calls the wrong face, they must take however many shots are shown on the die. 
  5. Rolling math. Rolling math is a simpler version of "Three man" for two players. Two people roll one die at the same time, and the person who rolls the lower face drinks the difference of the two faces in shots. 
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