5 Best Digital Cameras Brands

Digital cameras have taken over the photography market, so we're going to go over the 5 best digital cameras brands. There are so many brands of digital cameras out there now that its hard to sort through them all. Hopefully we can offer you a little insight.

  1. Canon is a great digital camera brand but can be very expensive if you want one of the best they have to offer. Digital cameras differ in names, sizes, shapes, picture quality, flash, quickness of the picture etc. This being the case, Canon has been voted one of the better digital cameras brands do to all of the above. Canon also has several pieces you can mix and match. If you and a friend have Canon digital cameras, even if they are different, you can mix and match lenses etc.
  2. Nikon goes head to head with Canon, because of the high quality digital cameras both companies offer. Nikon is said to be the easiest to use, with the best flash. The glass is priced much better, and ergonomics are said to be much better. Their cameras are known for their high grade materials and comfortable feel. Being one of the top manufacturers, Nikon is able to do more research and provide you with a better camera then most of the other brands.
  3. Olympus brand offers a lot, and still keeps a lower price then the above two. Olympus has easy to use menus with great support. This digital camera provides you with warm colors, and helps you become the photographer you want to be. People that purchase Olympus cameras seem to always come back and purchase again, and again.
  4. Sony digital cameras are very popular because of the brand its self, but also the prices you can get them for. Sony offers very small, slim cameras that have fantastic low-light performance. There cameras gives you a great amount of zooming ability, and gives you great crisp pictures.
  5. Kodak is by far one of the best priced digital camera’s out there, but sacrifice performance for price. These cameras are not usually used as professional cameras, but the prices are great. Kodak brand cameras give you scene modes to help beginners achieve the pictures they look for, with out all the fuss.
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