5 Best Digital Stop Watches

5 Best Digital Stopwatches 

Not all digital stopwatches are made from the same mold, and the 5 best digital stopwatches described within this article champions this thought.  A quality digital stopwatch will be an accurate and precise timekeeping instrument that is easy to read, without exponentially increasing the price.  Keep reading and see if you agree.

  1. “Seiko S141 300 Lap Memory Stopwatch.” Seiko is a name synonymous with skillful timepiece engineering that is highlighted in the S141. Whether you are a professional athlete in training or a health conscious individual the S141 is a great tool to monitor progress.  Key features of this digital stopwatch are 10 bar water resistance (up to100 meter depth), measures time up to 10 hours, read out time to within 1/100 of a second, store and recall split/lap memory, large black numbers contrasted against gray display background for easy reading.
  2. “Seiko S057 100 lap Memory Dual Timer.” Seiko does it again with a solid base hit digital timekeeper.  The S057 is water resistant, automatic shut-off function when not in use to prolong battery life, measures up to 10 hours with read out within 1/100 of a second, time and full calendar readout, battery life indicator, and twin channel count down timer.   
  3. “Accusplit A601XAQ Pro Survivor Stopwatch-Aqua.” This little digital beauty is priced less than $25 without cutting features which include: split timing, time and date function, shock and water resistant, a 5 year warranty with no proof of purchase contingency, a lanyard, and battery.
  4. “Seiko S058 Illuminated 100 Memory Stopwatch.” The S058 digital stopwatch has an illuminated display to for easy readout, measures  up to 100 hours to within 1/100 of a second, on/off status sound alert, time and automatic calendar, automatically shuts off when not in use prolonging battery life, and is water resistant.
  5. “Seiko S056 100 Lap Memory Stopwatch.” The S056 scores a digital stopwatch trifecta; accuracy, precision, and clear resolution.  The selling points of the S056 continue with automatic shut-off, 10 bar water resistant (up to 100 meter depth), measures up to 100 hours in 1/100 of a second, split/lap time, and a full automatic calendar. 

Of course, the 5 best digital stopwatches list is subjective, but you must admit these five digital stopwatches are deserving of serious consideration.  

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