5 Best Dinosaur Movies For Kids

Those who wish for their children to be entertained and learn about the history of the world at the same time might be interested in the 5 best dinosaur movies for kids. These movies can educate children on the details of dinosaurs while entertaining them with a child like setting. Adults will enjoy these movies because of some of the adult humor as well as the fact that the movies are educating their children.

  1. "The Land Before Time" This movie series is a great way for children to learn about the changes of the world during the era of the dinosaurs, but more than that, it involves a great deal of tolerance and social dynamics that small children can benefit from.
  2. "Dinosaur" Dinosaur involves not only learning about dinosaurs, but also about loyalty and stereotypes. The main character steps out of his stereotype to the benefit of his adoptive family, proving that he can use the very things that set him apart to the benefit of the community as a whole.
  3. "Ice Age" Another dinosaur movie series, "Ice Age" takes place during a time when glaciers covered a great portion of the earth, forcing dinosaurs to migrate. Lessons of friendship, family and good decision making make this series a must see for young children.
  4. "Land of the Lost" A spin off of the "Land of the Lost" television series, this movie offers enough adult humor to make it fun for adults. Very young children might not catch the humor, but parents should use their own discretion when it comes to this dinosaur movie.
  5. "Jurassic Park" The "Jurassic Park" movie series makes a great addition to any science theme that involves dinosaurs and the concept of DNA. There are some very serious and adult like concepts that may go over the heads of small children, but the movies do include educational benefits as well.
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