5 Best Disney Movie Trailers

It's hard to choose the five best Disney movie trailers from dozens over the years, as each and every one has had a positive impact on audiences of all ages. Disney has become a billion dollar company over the years, beginning with the vision of Walt Disney and then, his nephew Roy Disney. Their movies were trendsetters from the start and continue to make audiences laugh, cry and cheer at the crazy antics of the characters on the screen. Disney movies can only be successful if their movie trailers can catch the consumer's attention enough to bring their families to the shows. Each trailer is extraordinary, but here are a select few that have wowed audiences since the 1960's.


  1. "The Lion King." (1994). Many top actors made voice appearances in this blockbuster movie including Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Nathan Lane, Jeremy Irons and James Earl Jones. “The Lion King,” at that time, became the highest grossing Disney movie of all time and had one of the five best Disney movie trailers that sparked interest all over the world which helped sales.

  1. "Toy Story." (1995). On the heels of “The Lion Kings'” success came the first installment of the “Toy Story.” With Tom Hanks and Tim Allen as the main characters, “Toy Story” sky rocketed in innovative style and is one of the five best Disney movie trailers ever. “Where toys come to life” was the slogan, and it got people interested.

  1. "Up." (2009). With one look at the trailer for “Up,” you knew you were going to see something special. The special relationship between Carl and Ellie at the beginning and the relationship that Carl and Russell experience throughout the movie are conveyed in small blurbs in the trailer that give it one of the five best Disney movie trailers and a reason for adults to see the movie with their children.

  1. "Wall-E." (2008). The trailer in "Wall-E" really didn't contain any dialog other than a few sounds, yet you wanted to see the movie as much as your children. The trailer is actually one of the five best Disney movie trailers due to the stunning animation for its time. Disney really struck gold with "Wall-E" thanks to those two minute shorts.

  1. "Mary Poppins." (1964). This Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke movie about a lonely chimney sweeper became one of the top movies at that time, and the trailer had a lot to do with its success. With the fun filled array of visuals including the font of the text at the very start, the head bopping music and the unforgettable songs like “ Chim Chim Cheree” and “Supercalifragilisticexpialidociuos,” “Mary Poppins” has become one of the five best Disney movie trailers of all time.

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