5 Best Disposable Straight Razors

There is nothing like the feeling of a clean close shave, so here is a list of the 5 best disposable straight razors. Disposable straight razors are much more convenient than traditional straight razors because they don't need to be sharpened. 

  1. The Monsieur Charles Straight Razor. This disposable straight razor will give a very close shave just like a traditional straight razor would. This razor has a release slot on the end of it for injector blades to fit into. While most injector blades fit into this razor, the Personna mini blades are specially designed for the razor.
  2. Shavette Disposable Straight Razor. This is a good disposable straight razor for people who want to try using a straight razor but don't want to buy an expensive strop to sharpen it with. This razor has different insert holders for different sized blades. The guide pins on this razor ensure that the blade is aligned properly.
  3. Feather Disposable Straight Razor. Feather is known for making really great fine bladed surgical instruments and this razor is just as amazing as Feather's other products. This disposable straight razor has a thin piece of mesh on it that protects the user from getting cut, but does not interfere with them getting a close shave. This razor is also designed to be used on almost any part of the body.
  4. Magic Disposable Straight Razor. Any double edged blades can be used with this disposable straight razor. People can buy this razor with a black or a white handle. Many barbers have started using this razor, because it it much more sanitary than conventional straight razors. Even people who normally use traditional straight razors like this one for traveling, because they don't have to pack their strop.
  5. Annie Disposable Straight Razor. This really great razor for people who have never used a straight razor before. Even though this disposable straight razor is inexpensive, it works really well. This razor is sold in a package that includes two disposable blades.
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