5 Best Dodge Pickup Trucks

Consider the 5 best Dodge pickup trucks before moving forward in signing an automotive contract. While pickup trucks have certain downfalls for family-oriented owners, it also has a lot of advantages. For instance, pickup trucks can help transport heavy materials without having to rent out trucks to accomplish the task. Many employers require potential employees to own either a van or pickup truck in order to be considered for employment, especially for trade-related jobs. Dodge manufacturers some of the world's best pickup trucks, which makes them a trustworthy source for reliable, durable transportation.

  1. Dodge Dakota. Hardcore trucking customers have rated the Dodge Dakota, a midsize pickup truck, as one of the most reliable, durable utility trucks outside of the expensive, full-size pickup truck bracket. The Dakota has a V8 engine with a 7,250 pound towing capacity, which makes it simply the best in its class.
  2. Dodge Ram 3500. The Dodge Ram 3500 has either four-wheel or rear-wheel drive with a dual rear-wheel standard. The standard engine generates a torque of 650 foot-pounds. The 3500 six-speed manual or automatic transmission and Cummins engine generates a braking power and stability to tow heavy loads consisting a maximum of 17,600 pounds in capacity. This makes the Ram 3500 a fierce competitor among other full-sized trucking models.
  3. Dodge Ram 2500. The Dodge Ram 2500 was last produced in 2002; however, it left graciously with a high expectations of its inevitable return. The 2500 was considered a true powerhouse during its pivotal moments in production. The 2500 should be a true consideration for those seeking an attractive option for a smaller pickup truck version. It offered a variety of options for consumers, including the V10 engine and diesel engines. Just remember that the Quad Cab has limiting rear-seat room for frequent passengers.
  4. Dodge Ram 1500. One of the prime features of the Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck centers around the attractive cabin interior. The 1500 cabin interior lures in trucking consumers due to its premium seating and console shifters. It offers plenty of comfortable space for front and rear-seat passengers with driver-friendly access to controls. The Dodge Ram 1500 has regular and Quad Cabs powered with 3.7 liter V6 engines, which produces 215 horsepower and a torque value of 235 foot-pounds. This Dodge Ram pickup truck offers a maximum towing capacity of 3,800 pounds.
  5. Dodge Ram Hybrid. Dodge has decided to compete within the pickup truck hybrid market led by Chrysler, GMC, Cadillac and Chevrolet. Dodge plans to release its first hybrid option in November of 2011. The company has heralded its newest edition to be as strong as the Durango and Aspen hybrid, which used a 5.7 liter engine along with an 87 horsepower electrical motor.
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