5 Best Dog Grooming Shampoos

Each of the five best dog grooming shampoos on the market can provide a solution to your pet's fur coat issues. Whether you need a de-shedding shampoo or a shampoo for sensitive skin, there is a product that matches your pet’s needs. Most dog grooming shampoos will cost between $10 and $50 depending on the grade and the amount of shampoo that you are purchasing.

  1. Espree Strawberry Lemonade pet shampoo. The Espree brand is known for their all-natural, high-grade ingredients. This particular dog grooming shampoo is recommended for use on all types of coats. The shampoo lathers well and provides a deep down cleaning. Your dog will smell wonderful after bathing in this strawberry lemonade scented shampoo.
  2. Furminator De-Shedding shampoo. If your dog is one of the many breeds that sheds excessively, then this is the perfect dog grooming shampoo for you. It is non-irritating to your dog’s skin and has ingredients that will keep his coat healthy and shiny. Reduce the amount of shedding with this pH balanced shampoo.
  3. Best Shot Flea & Tick dog shampoo. When fleas and ticks have taken over your pet, you need to fight back with the proper dog grooming shampoo. The Best Shot brand will kill these little pests without irritating the skin. It is fortified with aloe vera, has a natural peppermint smell and is safe for all dogs over ten weeks old.
  4. Tropiclean Spa Colors dog shampoo. There are times when a dog’s coat may become discolored due to the dirt and grime that is caught in the fur. Spa Colors lets you pick the perfect shampoo for your pet based on its coat color. It is available in white, brunette, black and blonde. The formula is protein and vitamin fortified to ensure a strong and well-nourished coat. It will keep your pet’s true color lasting longer between shampoos.
  5. Tomlyn Nova Pearls Moisturizing pet shampoo. This is a great dog grooming shampoo for the dog who has allergies or sensitive skin. It is very gentle and provides emollients that can rehydrate and moisturize the dog’s skin. It has no harsh chemicals or dyes.
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