5 Best Dog Poop Scoops

Everyone with a dog that wants a clean yard is going to be wanting the best dog poop scoops that will hold with a good grip and makes an easy clean-up. Below are the 5 best dog poop scoopers that will make give you an easy pick-up without all the hassle.

  1. Conair Yellow Dog Pooper Scooper. This dog scooper is a must for people with dogs. It is a more sanitary and cleaner way to pick up after your pet. This poop scooper has a sturdy construction and light-touch trigger action with an automatic lock and release button. Since there's no direct contact, no mess,  and no need to bend down due to the long handle, it keeps your hands and yard clean, along with saving you back pain. And there's a bonus- it comes with 80 scented bags. .
  2. Swoop Pooper Scooper for Large Dogs. The Swoop's patented design grabs and bags your dog's poop in one move, leaving you free to throw it away in a hygienic manner. The distinctive claw design mimics the human hand, yet gives you a bigger spread of over 6 inches. You nor the Swoop come in contact with the poop due to the swoop being protected by the plastic baggie. Basically, you can scoop and dump in one easy 'swoop'- hence the name.
  3. The Ultimate Grabber. The ultimate grabber is definitely one of the most ultimate dog poop scoopers. It's 32 inch long handle makes it easy to pick up poop without bending down and it has an easy one-hand pull so you don't have to do so much trying to pick up the mess. It also has a self-closing shovel and rake blade and a carrying strap when taking your dog on walks.
  4. Hound Dog Poop Scoop. The Hound Dog is an easy to use poop and scoop for cleaning up after your dog. It's made out of durable steel construction and is rust-proof for long lasting wear. It also allows you to use it while standing. This pooper scooper also comes with a life time warranty-guaranteed.
  5. Dispoz-A-Scoop. This scooper is for those environmentally friendly dog lovers; it is 99% biodegradable. All you have to do is scoop the waste into the convenient bag using the metal edge, and throw away. That plain and simple. The biodegradable bag is hands free, airtight, and waterproof. It's an environmentally friendly pet solution.
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