5 Best Double Wide Shoes

The 5 best double wide shoes are those shoes that give your big, manly feet some much-needed extra space and width in which to breathe. Double wide shoes are common for larger or taller men, but sometimes, you just have really, really big or wide feet because, you know, size actually does matter. So if your feet are really wide, you will be glad for these double wide shoes.

  1. Brooks Beast. The best double wide shoes are these babies from Brooks as they are the very best in motion control that runners these days can buy on the market. One of the attractive points to this shoe is that it corrects severe pronation, and pronation is defined as your foot producing an inward rolling motion with each step you make while wearing it.
  2. Rockport World Tour Classic. The second-best double wide shoe just for its softly cushioned fit, the Rockport World Tour Classic envelops your entire foot in either nubuck or leather material for a very smart look overall. With its one-inch rubber outsole, you can be sure to expect nothing but the most stable support for your foot and your gait in general as you walk or even run on a variety of surfaces.
  3. Sperry Top-Sider. If you are a prep or fashion yourself a prep, than you want to definitely get your foot into a Sperry Top-sider. This is the third-best double wide shoe on account of its very refined construction. It features leather that is oil-tanned for low water absorption, which is excellent if you are spending a lazy, quiet, Sunday afternoon on your yacht or near some water.
  4. New Balance MW927. New Balance's MW927's come in at the four spot on this list of the best double wide shoes due to the fact that it will accommodate even the widest feet with no problem. So if you have grown up for some part of your life without wearing shoes–which can lead to a widening of your feet–and now need something wider than average, consider these New Balance double wide shoes.
  5. Florsheim Como Ornament Mahogany. Last on this list is the double wide entry from Florsheim, their Como Ornament Mahogany shoes. Pricier than any of the previous double wide shoes on this countdown, this shoe is made for the more distinguished man as it is part of the Imperial Collection and crafted with great detail and attention.
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